My favorite part of my morning routing is drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper before I start work. It serves as a mental warm-up. It sometimes serves as an emotional warm-up was well, particularly when I read John Kass.

Most of the time, I disagree with everything he says. But in today's column today, he again wades into the discussion about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. While I support the protests for reasons better articulated by others, I want to understand the perspective of people who are insulted by what they perceive as an act of disrespect to a nation that has given so much to so many.

In his column John Kass compares the NFL to a local diner where the servers--women named Doris and Stella--harangue the customers with their political beliefs. "All I wanted was a steak sandwich," a frustrated dad says. "Can't a man have a simple steak sandwich?"

After reading his column, I realized that watching an NFL game can be a sanctuary. For a few hours a week, people can escape the hyper-partisanship that plagues the country and simply enjoy a football game. The only controversy they want to deal with is a stupid play call by a bad coach. When players protest, they bring politics into a space that sports fans want to be free of politics.

I think I can understand that.

A sanctuary is a place where you can be free of the noise and demands of the day. It is a place where you can let silence hold you kindly and gently. Perhaps it is a literal sanctuary in a church or temple. Perhaps it is your favorite park or a patio table. Maybe your sanctuary is a chair in the corner of a room.

Spend time your sanctuary today and ground yourself in peaceful silence. Be mindful that God's presence during your sanctuary time.

I was very glad when they said to me,
“Let us go up to the house of the Lord.”
Jerusalem, our feet are standing
inside your gates.
— Psalm 122:1-2