We Spend Our Life Commuting

Between work and home; to and from school; from one appointment to another. Sometimes we drive, sometimes we take the train or bus, and sometimes we walk. But whatever our mode transportation, we are all on a journey into human spaces that bring us into contact with other people--and ourselves. 

But when we see that these journeys also bring us into communion with the Divine, we begin to realize that our commute doesn't bring us to a place; rather, we see that our commute is a bridge between heaven and earth.

This is the spirituality of the commute.

Contemplation in Action

To find God along the way, we have to commute in a contemplative way--that is, we have to travel with the awareness that we are present to the Divine at every moment of every day. When you travel in that awareness, you are a contemplative in action.

Saints on the Train

Countless people make our commutes bearable. They keep us company, share our stories, and help the time pass by quickly. We call these people saints.

Gospel to Life

The gospel teaches us how to live full, human lives, that is, lives that are loving, kind, and compassionate. The gospel is the road map that leads us to the Divine.

Life to Gospel

If Christ is the blueprint for our being, then the truth resides in us. By examining the events of our lives, we read another gospel: the good news of the Divine who abides in us.

Little Lessons from the Saints

In Little Lessons from the Saints, I skip the typical biographies of saints and offer instead brief but powerful spiritual lessons from 52 different saints, each followed by a short meditation.