New Perspectives

Slow down your breathing, until it is gentle, smooth, and soft. Let go of any tension in your body by relaxing your jaw, your shoulders, your fingertips, even your toes. Continue until you feel light, fresh, and free.

Read the following Scripture verse slowly, savoring each word:

"One thing I do know is that I was blind and now I see.” (John 9:25)

Find a small, simple object and hold it gently in your lap. What is it that you hold? Describe it as objectively as you can. You may notice certain feelings associated with this object, and your attention might become focused on those feelings and not the object itself. If this happens, name the feeling and say "This object is not this feeling."

Pay close attention to this object. Note its color, it's texture, it's weight. Is it cold? Is it warm? Does it have an aroma or any discernible scent?

Re-position this object several times. For example, you might hold it close to you; you may position it in better (or worse) light. Each time, attend to its details, again noting its color, texture, weight, etc.

Remind yourself that God created this object and it is good. Thank God for the gift of this object.

Close this meditation with a simple Amen.