Welcome Mat

I often ask myself what kind of home I make for God in my heart. How do I welcome God into my life? Sometimes I'm more welcoming than others; most of the time I treat God as if God had made an appointment. I might be courteous, maybe ever friendly, but I always have an eye on the clock and am quick to say "Time's up, Lord" when our session is over. I'll then schedule our next meeting.

But recently asked myself if this is how God welcomes me. The more I reflected on this, the more I realized that I'm not merely as welcoming of God as God is welcoming of me. God doesn't ask me to make an appointment. God isn't counting the minutes before saying "Time's up." Usually, God greets me with a gentle smile, invites me to sit down next to him, and then we sit together in silence and watch birds. 

And then I realized how that I wish I could welcome other people into my life in a similar manner. Too often I feel like they are a distraction, interruption, or an inconvenience.

If we are going to imitate God's generosity, we need to be generous in the way we welcome others. This meditation can help you welcome others with the same love and acceptance that God welcomes you.  

  1. Take a moment and center yourself. Breath in God's grace. Breath out God's love. With each breath, you enter into the presence of God. Continue in grace and breathing out love until you feel calm, still, and free.
  2. How does God welcome you into the Divine presence? What is God's reaction to your presence? How do you respond?
  3. Imagine encountering someone you don't like, someone who disturbs you or causes you anxiety. How do you welcome this person? Imagine if you welcomed God the same way as you welcomed this person. What is your prayer life like then? How does God react?
  4. Imagine that you welcomed this person people as God welcomes you. What is different? What is the obstacle that prevents you from welcoming this person in this way? What is your attachment to this obstacle?  Take a moment to ask God for the grace to welcome others in the way God welcomes you..
  5. Close with a prayer of your own choosing or a simple Amen.
What kind fo welcome mat does God put out for you?

What kind fo welcome mat does God put out for you?