Your Daily Walk

Now that the weather is getting better, I can add  more walking to my daily commute. I might walk to the train station now and then; I will get off the 'L' a few stops early and walk the remaining distance to my destination. The additional time I spend walking is more time for me to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine or feel refreshed and invigorated by light rain. I have more time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, both natural beauty and man-made beauty.

By walking more frequently, I also make my commute more spiritual--that is, I make my commute into a special encounter with God. Here's how you can make walking into a spiritual experience of your own:

  1. Pay attention. What are the things that you see? This is a great time to be mindfully observant and be present to the world around you, just as you are and just as it is.
  2. Consider the things you see. How do they reflect the Divine? Everything reflects God's beauty, goodness, mercy, and compassion, each in its own way. By being present to creation, you will be able find God in all of it.
  3. Contemplate the Divine in you. How do you sense the Divine within you? When we are disconnected from nature, we forget that we are also natural; like everything else in nature that is beautiful and wondrous and magnificent, we too are reflection of God.  

Walking outdoors is an invitation into myself, to a place where I will find God already waiting for me. By adding a few miles of walking to my daily commute, I will be able to make time to not only find God in all things, but to also find God in myself