Three Persons in One Bob

Today is Trinity Sunday, the day when we celebrate the Holy Trinity, which is the central mystery of the Christian faith.

I don't spend much time in trying to explain this mystery. I'll let  theologians come up with analogies (I prefer the force-field analogy myself). However, since Franciscan spirituality is Trinitarian, I did spend some time reflecting on this mystery. I invite you to share this meditation.

  • Quiet the mind: Find your sanctuary, that place where you allow yourself to just be. Slowly repeat these words of Jesus Christ: "Receive the holy Spirit." (John 20:22)
  • Listen to the words of Saint Athanasius: "God is above all things as Father, for he is principal and source. God is through all things through the Word, and he is in all things as the Holy Spirit."
  • Consider his words: Because you are made in the image of God, and God is Three Persons in One God, you reflect each of Person of the Trinity. How do you reflect the Father? How do you give life, inspiration, and hope to the people you encounter? How do you reflect the Son? How do you walk with others in their suffering and sorrows and comfort them? How do you reflect the Holy Spirit? How do you see yourself in other people? Can you look at them and say, "Just like me?"
  • Rest in God's love: Let your thoughts float away as you sit quietly in God's overflowing love for you. If you find your mind wandering, repeat the mantra "My God and my all."
  • Imitate the Trinity: When you are ready, leave your sanctuary, and imitate the love of the Holy Trinity. Love all things, just like God the Father; allow yourself to be loved, just like God the Son. And do all things with love in your heart, just like God the Holy Spirit.

Peace and all good!