Bike Wisdom: 3 Spiritual Truths Learned from the Bike

One of our favorite bike trails is the section of the West Branch DuPage River Trail that connects St. Charles Rd. and the Great Western Trail.

On a recent ride I asked Cathy why she liked this trail so much.

"Well, for one thing, it's a beautiful path. It's a shortcut to get to the Great Western Trail. And we don't have to cross North Avenue, so it's safer too."

Cathy riding the West Branch DuPage River Trail.

Cathy riding the West Branch DuPage River Trail.

As we rode along the trail, I realized that Cathy had just pointed out three fundamental truths about spirituality:

  1. The spiritual path leads to a world of beauty. As you travel along your path, ride (or walk or run) slowly and take in what you see. Allow yourself to be surprised at how beautiful the world can be.
  2. The spiritual path is itself a sanctuary. The longer you walk along your path, the farther it takes you from the stress, anxiety, and fears that plague daily life. Give yourself permission and take the time to ride (or walk or run)
  3. The spiritual path is meant to be traveled with others. Part of the fun of going for rides with Cathy is that it gives the time to talk and share. "It is not good for the man to be alone." (Genesis 2:18) Make sure you walk your path with someone.

Every bike ride (or walk or run) can be an act of worship, provided it is done with a sense of gratitude and wonder.