We Spend Our Life Commuting

Between work and home; to and from school; from one appointment to another. Sometimes we drive, sometimes we take the train or bus, and sometimes we walk. But whatever our mode transportation, we are all on a journey into human spaces that bring us into contact with other people--and ourselves. 

But when we see that these journeys also bring us into communion with the Divine, we begin to realize that our commute doesn't bring us to a place; rather, we see that our commute is a bridge between heaven and earth.

This is the spirituality of the commute.


Tales from the Commute

Stories help us understand where we are going, where we are coming from, and how we get there. I offer some of my stories to help you learn how to tell your own; in learning to tell your own, you will be able to hear God's. And when you can hear God's story, every commute becomes a pilgrimage.


Companions on the Commute

No one travels alone. Sometimes we carpool with others or we have friends we ride the train with. In every case, we share the road, the train, and our walks with others, even when no words are exchanged.

Spiritual direction is a practice in such companionship, where one person (the director) walks with another person (the directee) on his or her spiritual journey. The focus of a spiritual direction session is on the directee's experiences of God; while the director offers a welcome space and compassionate ear for the directee to grow in closer relationship the the Divine. Spiritual direction is a safe and welcome space where you can share the stories of your spiritual journey.

If you are interested in such companioning--whether through spiritual direction, speaking, or retreat planning--please contact me, and we can set up an initial consultation session to learn more about one another. 



In Little Lessons from the Saints, I skip the typical biographies of saints and offer instead brief but powerful spiritual lessons from 52 different saints, each followed by a short meditation.