These meditations can help us surrender our fears, anxieties, and even our dreams so that we can embrace the only thing we really need: God’s love.


To be the person God imagines us to be, we have to be free. These meditations will help us practice freedom, allowing us to see that the kingdom of heaven is indeed at hand. 


The journey toward God leads us toward our true self—the person God imagines you to be. But this journey never follows a straight path. These meditations help you keep your focus on your final destination.


What kind of home do we make for God? These meditations help us make space for the Holy Spirit. They offer us lessons on how to be welcoming and inviting—not only to God but also to our neighbors.

Loving Knowledge

We can only know God through the act of loving. These meditations help us experience God's love in our life. Love, as St. Paul describes, is a new way of living that allows us to find God in all things.