Saints, Music, and Small Miracles

I traveled with some unusual saints the other day: Siouxie Sioux, Dale Bozzio, and Cy Curnin.

On my way home from work, some of my favorite 80s songs came up on my playlist: "The Passenger" by Siouxie and the Banshees, "Mental Hopscotch" by Missing Persons, and "One Thing Leads to Another" by The Fixx.

That I would call them "saints" might surprise a lot of people, especially them. But as I listened to their music, I noticed the affect that their music had on me. I found comfort in their harmonies and encouragement in the lyrics. Any anxieties I had felt during the day--the stress from managing the expectations of work and family, running from one train to another, and worrying about what was still left to accomplish--were dispelled by the music of The Fixx. The demons of worthlessness and abandonment had been gently exorcized by Missing Persons. Who knew such a thing was possible? Siouxie Sioux somehow made the monotony of a commute fun.

Each of these artists reminded me of the miracle of music: music inspires, it soothes, and it heals.

"Sing praises to the Lord," the psalmist says. Any song that fills me with joy is a song of praise. Any song that fills me with hope is a song of praise. And any song that calms my restless soul is a song of praise. These songs help dispel the noise that drowns out the voice of the Spirit dwelling in my heart.

And anyone who can sing such a song is a saint in my eyes. So, as I travel, I will often listen to music that lifts up my heart, because then I know that I travelling with a saint.