Just Like Me

Spirituality can be defined as one's lived experience of God, a God whose love for us is incomprehensible. There is no room for hostility if one desires a healthy spirituality.

Yet, when we live in constant fear and see only enemies instead of neighbors, we engage in the spiritualization of hostility. This is not healthy or wise. To stop this, practice empathy.

Think of someone you are hostile toward. Think of the qualities that evoke your hostility. Think of the times you show those same qualities and say "Just like me."

That person is intolerant or unreasonable? When are the times I am intolerant or unreasonable? Just like me.

That person is prideful and arrogant? When am I prideful and arrogant? Just like me.

That person is hateful and violent? When am I hateful and violent, even if it's limited to angry rhetoric (for violent actions and violent rhetoric come from the same heart)? Just like me.

"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Mt 5:44) Only when we see our enemies as just like us can we truly love them.